My journey with High Gorgeous started in September of 2016 when I broke my left ankle. I managed to break it in two places and required one surgery to secure the bones and a second surgery to remove the hardware after the bones had healed. It was a long and painful process to say the least.
I started using the High Gorgeous lotions as soon as I was able to get my cast off, there was severe bruising and swelling, and since I had rejected the opiates prescribed by the hospital the High Gorgeous lotion provided the much needed pain relief directly to the affected area. Later after my scars had healed and I was able to take a bath I used the High Gorgeous bubble bath for full body relaxation. When one part of the body is injured we have to compensate for it with other parts and muscles. Everything was out of whack with my body and the bubble bath was such a nice way to treat all my muscles at once.
I’m still recovering, building my strength, and repairing my muscles everyday. I can imagine how much harder this process would have been had I taken the opiate route. I feel incredibly lucky that we have access to such amazing cannabis products that can help and enhance our lives. I cannot wait for a day that I can walk into CVS or Walgreen’s and buy some High Gorgeous lotion, bubble bath or chap stick to treat my body in the way the way it was meant to be treated, naturally.
– Jessica, White Rabbit High Tea

I deal with daily neck and back pain. I was tired of taking regular over-the-counter painkillers and massages we’re getting expensive. Then I found High Gorgeous cannabis infused lotion and it’s been a game changer. Within minutes of application the tension and ache I’ve been dealing with for years fades away. The best compliment I can give is that when I’m using Pina-Co-Canna. I feel normal and it’s amazing.
– Travis, California Medical Cannabis Patient